All Bakerberry’s
® Baked Goods are made with the finest and freshest ingredients available.

We only use All Purpose Unbleached Flour, Fresh Whole Eggs, 2% milk, fresh whole cream and pure Canadian butter.

Our seasonal products such as Peach Blueberry Alsaciennes, Poached Pear Alsaciennes and Peach Blueberry Loaves, No Nonsense Apple Pies are all made with fresh local fruits in season. Our apples are farmed locally in Ontario, We use small independent suppliers for our unbleached flour, sugar, nuts and dairy products, ensuring all ingredients are fresh and of excellent quality.

All our baked goods are natural, without preservatives. We bake from scratch in small batches to achieve the home-made taste everyone expects. We produce to order, delivering the freshest product possible to your store shelves. Our baked goods selection has broad appeal to satisfy both traditional and sophisticated palettes.