Our Artisan pies are inspired by French country Patisseries. They are loaded with fruit primarily from local farmers across Southern Ontario. Bakerberry’s® pies are slightly sweetened and perfectly spiced to compliment the natural fruit flavours and are topped with our own buttery crumble for the most mouth watering experience. Our pies create a wholesome, rustic presentation to your dessert selection to satisfy your guests discerning palettes.

Bakerberry’s® Pie  
Our signature combination of strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, rhubarb, and fresh Beaver Valley spy apples, add a little sweetness and cinnamon to create a pie like no other.
No Nonsense Apple Pie  
Large chunks of fresh Beaver Valley Spy Apples tossed with a little brown sugar and cinnamon. Crumble topping completes this pie to make a natural presentation the way an Apple Pie should be made.

Ontario Apple Raspberry Pie  
Layering the flavours of apple with raspberries and a little orange zest satisfies a heightened palate. A light crumble completes this elegant presentation.
Better Than Grandma's Strawberry Rhubarb Pie  
Small strawberries are packed with sweetness and flavour combined with tart rhubarb and a little orange zest topped with an oatmeal crumble rounds out this flavourful creation.
Sicilian Lemon Pie  
A true taste of Southern Italy, with a twist. The delicate rind and pure juice of this sunbelt fruit are pureed with sugar and eggs creating a uniquely tangy curd which is then baked in a buttery coconut shortbread crust to give it the twist which makes this dessert our very own. Make it your very own by drizzling Orange Infused Olive Oil over it. When in season garnish with fresh summer berries to make this tart stand out.
Muskoka Wild Blueberry Cranberry Pie  
If there were anything more Canadian than buttertarts, it would be this unique pie. Tiny wild blueberries bursting with sweet flavour combined with big plump tarte Muskoka cranberries, a little sugar, cinnamon, orange zest and an oat crumble topping complete this tribute to Native Canadian fruit. Delectable warmed up with a simple vanilla ice cream.
Perfect Pear Cranberry Pie  
This pie presents a new level of sophistication. Absolutely at it’s best during Thanksgiving and the Fall Season when pears are perfect for picking. Large chunks of juicy Anjou pears, plump Muskoka cranberries, a little sugar, ginger and orange zest with oat crumble topping completes this alternative to traditional fall fare. Ginger ice cream takes this dessert to another level, it won’t disappoint!
Mince Pies (seasonal)  
Our Mince pies are Vegetarian. Made without suet unlike traditional Mince. Fresh Apples, Green Tomatoes, currants, raisins, brown sugar, citrus zest and mulling spices, cinnamon, clove, nutmeg all simmered together in Apple Cider, producing a citrusy, buttery texture.
Bavarian Apple Pie  
Large chunks of fresh Ontario Spy Apples are seasoned with cinnamon and brown sugar and then tossed in a light cream cheese filling to give every bite a smooth texture. Slivered almonds top this to give it a rustic appeal and a deliciously mild nutty flavour.

Typical to the Alsace region of France, these pies utilize seasonal fruit baked in rich smooth custard. Similarly, we change with the seasons delivering a different comfort delicacy.

Ontario Apple Cranberry Alsacienne  
Cranberries add tartness to the naturally sweet fresh Ontario Spy apples which is then flooded with a rich, smooth custard and topped with a light white crumble giving it a natural rustic look.
Mango Blueberry Alsacienne  
The flavour combination and incredibly vibrant colours of Mango’s and Blueberrys, make this pie not only taste incredible but is also a site to behold.
Niagara Peach Blueberry Alsacienne (seasonal)  
The Niagara region produces some of finest peaches in North America. These freestone beauties are the very peaches we use in our Seasonal Peach Blueberry Alsacienne Pies
Poached Pear and almond Alsacienne (seasonal)  
Anjou pears lightly poached in red wine, cinnamon, sugar and lemon zest and then baked in a light custard makes this a perfect Autumn dessert for family and friends.