Bakerberry’s® loaves are made with all Canadian Butter resulting in a rich light crumb with a perfectly balanced natural Lemon flavour to please all palettes. We make it plain or we add either of your favourites - Poppy seeds, Wild Muskoka Blueberries, Raspberries. And when in season, we add Fresh Niagara Peach and Blueberry or Black Cherry.

Poppyseed Loaf  
Zucchini Loaf (Diary Free)  
This wonderfully spiced, dairy free loaf, is an unusual home for the much neglected Zucchini. You won’t believe how incredibly good it is until you try it. Even great as a breakfast snack.
Muskoka Blueberry Loaf  
Muskoka Cranberry Loaf  
Muskoka Plain Loaf  
Festive Loaf (seasonal)  
Bakerberry’s® developed this recipe as a light alternative to the Traditional Fruit Cake We’ve soaked dried Apricots, Cranberries, Giant Golden Thompson raisins, Mission Figs and fresh Apple in Brandy then stirred into our secret batter resulting in a loaf like no other.
Zesty Lemon Loaf